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Dandong Hengrui locates in Donggang city which is the most beautiful frontier city in China Here we are close to Danda highway about 5 km away from Dandong port and 12 km from Dandong airport where the land sea and air transportation is very convenient Here the climate is pleasant and scenery is good The advantageous location and the rapid development of urban industrial situation has brought good prospects to us We specialized in supply with varieties of metal parts from the process of sand casting precision casting forging and machining which consists of valve parts pump parts laboratory equipment parts GIS switchgear tank electrical appliance parts auto parts rail parts marine parts...

Categories and Products

Iron Castings

Cast Iron Valve Parts

Cast Iron valve body Ductile Iron Casting Valve Parts Cast Iron Butterfly Valve Body Cast Grey Iron Butterfly Valve Body Cast Iron Check Valve Body Iron casting butterfly valve body Cast Iron Gate Valve Body Grey Iron Casting Rough Valve Body Cast Iron Valve Handwheel Cast Iron Tensioner Parts Customized Cast Iron Counterweight Ductile Iron Casting Butterfly Valve Body Ductile Iron Casting Parts Grey Iron GG25 Valve Body Ductile Iron Casting Valve Body Iron foundry cast iron valve body Iron casting valve body parts Cast Iron Ductile Iron Valve Handwheel Iron Casting Valve Handwheel Lug Type Butterfly Valve Body 

Cast Iron Pump Parts

Cast Grey Iron Pump Filter Cover Cast Iron Pump Filter Cap Sand Casting Iron Pump Housing Machined Cast Iron Pump Parts Assembly Cast Iron Pump Impeller Cast Iron Gearbox Housing Parts Cast Iron Gearbox Housing Grey Iron GG25 Gearbox Housing Cast Iron Pump Cover Ductile Iron Gearbox Housings Ductile Iron GGG40 Gearbox Housing Cast Iron Pump Casing Sand casting iron pump casing Grey Iron Casting Bearing Frame Ductile Iron Grey Iron Oil Pump Housing Cast Iron Grey Iron Pump Cover Cast Ductile Iron And Machined Pump Housing Grey Iron Casting Infrawave Housing Grey Iron GG25 Casting Pump Housing Ductile Iron Casting Pump Housing 

Cast Iron Automotive Parts

Cast Iron Chassis Structure Parts Ductile Iron Casting Auto Parts Cast Ductile Iron Steering Knuckles Cast Iron Connecting Rods Cast Iron Steering Knuckle for Automotive Cast Ductile Iron Turbocharger Housing Cast Ductile Iron Engine Parts Iron Casting Automotive Parts Ductile Iron Engine Exhaust Manifold Hi Ni Ductile Iron Engine Parts Exhaust Manifold Ductile Iron Casting Cylinder Parts Cast Ductile Iron Exhaust Manifold Ductile Iron Gearbox Housing Parts Ni Hard Ductile Iron Exhaust or Intake Manifold Iron Casting Automotive Engine Parts Ductile Iron Casting Tractor Pump Parts Customized Iron Casting Machined Steering Knuckles High Quality Iron Casting Machined Steering Knuckles 

Cast Iron Agricultural Parts

Cast Iron Agricultural Tractor Parts Cast Iron Agricultural Machinery Gearbox Housing Grey Iron Ductile Iron Agricultural Parts High quality Iron Casting Agricultural Machinery Parts Cast Iron and Machined Shaft Parts Agricultural Tractor Pump Casing Iron Casting Tractor Parts Ductile Iron Casting Agricultural Handwheel Parts High Quality Customized Iron Casting Agricultural Parts High quality Customized Iron Casting Engineering Parts Aluminium Casting Turbocharger Compressor Housing 

Cast Iron Railway Parts

Cast Iron Engineering Equipment Feet Pedal Sand Casting Grey Iron Tensioner Parts Ductile Iron Railway Parts Grey Iron Casting Engineering Equipment Parts Railway Part Cast Iron Cylinder Housing Ductile Iron Railway Parts Cylinder Parts Ductile Iron Lathe Parts Customized Grey Iron Casting Machinery Part 

Cast Iron Turbocharger Parts

Cast Iron Turbocharger Turbine Housing Cast Iron Turbocharger Intermediate Body Iron Casting Turbocharger Parts Cast Ductile Iron Turbocharger Housing Parts Grey Iron Casting Turbocharger Parts CNC Machined Turbocharger Compressor Wheel Turbocharger Stainless Steel Casting Turbine Housing Cast Iron GGG40 Turbine Housings Aluminium Casting Compressor Cover for Turbocharger 

Steel Castings

Cast Steel Valve Parts

Foundry Cast Stainless Steel Valve Bonnet Cast Steel WCB Valve Body Investment Casting Steel Check Valve Body High Quality Cast Steel Valve Cover Cast Steel Check Valve Bonnet Stainless Steel Casting DN100 Valve Disc Cast Steel and High Precision CNC Machined Sleeve Parts Steel Casting and CNC Machined Sleeve Parts Carbon Steel CNC Machining Sleeve Fasteners 

Cast Steel Pump Parts

Cast Steel and Machined Pump Impeller Investment Casting Stainless Steel Pump Housing Cast Steel Housing Parts 

Cast Steel Turbocharger Parts

Cast Steel Turbine Wheel and Shaft Stainless Steel Turbocharger Turbine Housing Stainless Steel Casting SS304 Turbine Housing Cast Steel Machined Turbocharger Turbine Wheel Cast Steel Machined Turbine Shaft Stainless Steel Casting Turbocharger Turbine Housing Parts 

Aluminium Castings

Sand Castings

Sand Casting Aluminium Parts Aluminium Casting Marine Parts Aluminium Sand Casting Marine Handle Parts Sand Casting Aluminium Housing Aluminium casting compressor cover for turbocharger Aluminium Casting Housing Part for Mine Ductile Iron Casting Engineering Equipment Parts High quality Cast Iron Gearbox Housing Grey Iron Casting and Machining Housing Part Ductile Iron or Grey Iron Casting Housing Part Customized Cast Iron Pump Housings 

Low Pressure Castings

Low Pressure Casting Aluminum Housing Anti Leaking Aluminium Housing for Electric 

High Pressure Castings

Die Casting Aluminium Parts High quality Aluminium Housing Parts 

Investment Castings

Cast Aluminium Turbocharger Compressor Wheel Cast Aluminium Turbocharger Compressor Housing Aluminium Casting Turbocharger Compressor Housing 

Copper Castings

Electrical Components

Zinc Plating Bronze Copper Parts Zinc-plating Brass Contact Plate for Electrical Components Zinc Plated Brass Electrical Parts Copper Casting Brass Valve Brass Casting Electrical Components 

Pipe Fittings

Cast And Machined Brass Pipe Fittings High Quality Machined Brass Fitting Parts High Quality Brass Casting Valve Parts Cast Brass and Machined Valve Parts 

Machined Parts

CNC Machined Parts

Alloy Steel Machined Bearing Housing Stainless Steel 304 Machined Flange CNC Machined Automotive Wheel Hub Parts CNC Machined Chassis Structure Parts CNC Machined Pulverizing Grinding bowl Steel or Iron CNC Machined Shaft Sleeve Color Zinc Galvanized CNC Machined Flange CNC Machined Aluminium Compressor Wheel High Precision Machined Flange Parts CNC Machined Brass Sleeve Parts Carbon Steel Laboratory Pulverizer Grinding Bowl 

Fabrication Parts

High Quality Steel Stamping Parts Steel Fabrication Welding Parts Stainless Steel Structure Bending Bracket 

Other Machined Parts

Laboratory Equipment Precision Machining Grinding Disc Carbon Steel CNC Machined Components Chrome Steel Machined Laboratory Equipment Part Forging or Casting CNC Machined Shaft CNC Machined Cylinder Piston Cast Iron Lathe Body Part 

Forging Parts

Die Forgings

High quality die forging steel shaft parts Carbon steel and alloy steel die forgings Stainless steel die forging flange parts Alloy steel forged steering knuckle Carbon Steel Die Forging Steering Knuckle 

Free Forgings

Stainless steel free forging shaft parts Carbon steel free forging flange Alloy Steel Free Forging Parts Stainless Steel Free Forged Parts 

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